The past 6 months revealed that the root of many problems of the EU is not only to find in the institutions, but also in the leadership. Eurocrats, opinion-makers, you guys failed. Hard words, but look at this: remember the class-fire on the Hungarian media law? From the UK to Romania, everyone had a word concerning the freedom of speech in Hungary, which was thought to be in danger. But present days something very dark is shadowing the freedom of self-expression, which is not seeming to raise such waves, despite it is really a thread to European democracies – unlike the media law.

The issue is simple: in Slovakia a law on citizenship was created by the extremist right-wing government lead by Robert Fico, disposing that Slovakian citizens, who possess Hungarian citizenship as well, lose the Slovakian one. Many Slovakian citizens belonging to the Hungarian nation have been deprived of their citizenship against their will, which is against even the Slovakian constitution:

“No one must be deprived of the citizenship of the Slovak Republic against his will.” [Art. 5. (2)]

Slovakia is in the EU, thought to be committed to human rights, but in fact it is not. Brussels has already expressed that the Slovakian deprivation of citizenship is not in its jurisdiction, but hey! In this case how came that the European Parliament (in that issue lead by Mr Cohn-Bendit) could pay so much attention on the Hungarian media law, even enfilading on the Hungarian PM?

The freedom of Europeans is in question, stupid, which is in danger! This time for real.

Where are the concerned bloggers, journalists and bravehearted Daniel Cohn-Bendit?

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