A society is held together along it’s cultural and historic heritage, which are normally wrapped up in constitutions. The European Union is made up of societies which do have common values, but have at least just as many differences. The European constitution – which seemed to be more than a dream some years ago – would have cleared what being European means.

A country’s consitution is totally the matter of home affairs, because that defines what is being a national (and not only citizen). Neither the EU, nor the member states, nor the UN have nothing to do with the British, Spanish, Slovakian (etc.) constitution – with the exception of any incompatibles with the adopted international laws.


Hungary has a new constitution, which is not yet in legal force, and again, there’s an international class-fire, just like in the case of the media act (note: the media law has been in force for half a year now, but none of the press organs have been fined and forced to close the business, and none of the journalist have been locked up).

The Hungarian constitution doesn’t abuse human rights at all, and it doesn’t intervene into other states’ home affairs. This is a Hungarian constitution, in favour of Hungarian nationals all around the world. Our Romanian friends understood the situation (RO, HU), yet, some other opinionmakers want to make the world believe that there’s something horrible going on in Hungary (I wonder how many of these backbiters have read the full text).

According to the Hungarian state of mind a family is based on a woman and a man, even if someone in an other country (with different cultural attributes) doesn’t like that. None of the former Hungarian constitutions were put on referendums, just like in many other EU countries. Hungary has been the stronghold of christianity for 1000 years, so God is covered in the constitution (by the quotation of the nation’s anthem), period. The Hungarian nation is divided into many countries, in total some 5 million Hungarian nationals live all around the world – thus, decaration of responsibility is not irredentism, but moral need.

Anyway, I might take criticisms under a more serious consideration, if I saw the same critics struggling for European values and not only against Hungary. But if they stood by European values, they should also fire at, say, the Slovakian language law, which clearly abuses human rights, depriving minorities of some parts of their right to use their native language even in cities/villages where there’s not a single Slovakian national. Or at the Benes decrees which declare Hungarian and German nationals commonly as war criminals. Do these meet the requirements of European values?

The concern for Hungarian nationals, the Hungarian perception of the family, the representation of national minorities in the Hungarian Parliament, all these are against the spirituality of Europe, but the discrimination of Hungarians is alright. C’mon. Is that the kind of peace and democracy that the founding fathers dreamt of?

This is why the Union is not taken serious in the international community, even in some of the member states.

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  1. Dear David,
    I think our Romanian friends “understand” the Hungarian strategies because they have identical ambitious toward Moldova.
    As simple as that…
    Kind regards,

  2. Dear friends,
    I also think that the basis of a normal family is a man and a woman and it can bring new good values ​​to our society

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