Herman van Rompuy in Budapest

Honestly, nothing new was revealed at today’s conference in Budapest, where European Council president Mr. Herman van Rompuy addressed the audience, in the company of Mr. János Martonyi (Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Mr. József Pálinkás (president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

Nevertheless, it was worth seeing. See some of the reasons.

First of all, both Hungarian representatives delivered their speech in English in front of the Hungarian crowd, despite the simultaneous translation. That was a bit strange, but whatevs.

Secondly, it turned out that Mr. v. Rompuy has a really good taste. He admitted to have Sándor Máray as his favourite writer. Good choice.

Thirdly, the president clarified that the Hungarian presidency must advance with the Turkish accession. He didn’t seem to be aware of the fact that the accession of Turkey is not unanimously supported by neither the Hungarian leadership, nor the Hungarian citizens.

Fourth: we’ve learned today that the European Central Bank is the heart of the new political identity of the Union. Well, interesting. Some could argue this statement, banks are still in crisis after all.

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